• Dyeing, Finishing and Coating ability to 230 inches •        
Tube Wattles - Spill Control





Our "EARTHKNIT" Wattles for Erosion Control have 4 Standard Diameters, 4 Standard Apertures and 4 Standard Fibers.  The full line will have as many as 30 Variations in Diameters and Apertures.


Our "EARTHKNIT" Wattles Are The Strongest on the Market and Support Any Type of Filler, Including Rock.  We Offer a Range of Degradation Levels According to Customer Request.  We offer Permanent, Degradable, and Biodegradable.  Our Diameters Are Currently From 9" to 20", With Appatures of 1/8" to 1-1/4".


Custom and Volume Orders Considered.


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